What should I consider when employing an agency?

There are no licensure requirements in the state of Ohio.  That means anyone can open a company and call themselves a Home Health Agency without meeting any minimal standards.  They may be an employment agency without the supervisory requirements of a Home Health Agency. They are not required to submit the required taxes or maintain Worker's Compensation coverage.  The employer would be required to submit these forms and maintain Worker's Compensation.

Additional questions to consider include:

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  • Does the agency complete a thorough background check that includes a fingerprint check with the Bureau of Criminal Information & Investigation?
  • How often does the nurse come to the home to see that your needs are being met?
  • Does the agency pay all required employer taxes, maintain liability insurance and have Worker's Compensation coverage?
  • Are all employees bonded?
  • Are there a minimum number of hours per visit and are there a minimum number of visits per week?
  • Does the agency have a cancellation clause?
  • Does the agency have a mechanism to verify the arrival and departure of the aide?
  • Is there a deposit required and how are you billed?  Remember - if you pay the aide directly you are considered the employer and again required to file the necessary taxes.