Where do you start?

Before you call you need to think about some things:

  • What are my expectations of the aide and the agency? 
  • What do I need them to do to help me or my loved one remain independent?
  • How often and for what time frame do I believe assistance is needed?  (Every day?  Twice a week?  Three hours?  Eight hours?)
  • What time of day do I want the aide to arrive?
  • How much can I afford? 


After considering all of these questions, give us a call



Please be advised that we may ask questions to determine how we can best meet your expectations.  We are not trying to be invasive. We must first determine if we have the appropriate staff available to meet your needs.  Then we can talk about finances. Often times, there are governmental programs that can assist you that you may be unaware of.  We will be candid and honest about our ability to meet your expectations.